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Job Interview Questions - Guides and Tips

dream jobsAnyone who has attended an interview must have been faced with a challenge of a difficult question from the panel. When a question that you do not have the slightest idea is put across to you during an interview, in most cases you end up speechless. The silence is at times not interpreted very well by the interviewer. It is even worse is you respond with an incorrect answer. This makes the chances of getting the job very slim and can be quite frustrating if it is a job you would love to do.

If this has never happened to you, you are very lucky. If you have been a victim and eventually developed cold feet when it comes to interviews, worry no more. We have put together very important guidelines that will help both first timers and other interviewees who have lost opportunities. You interview nightmare ends here and if you implement the ideas and follow our guidelines, you will secure any job you need.


We shall highlight some of the process and interviews commonly used by employers.

1. Basic Screening Interview

This is conducted in the very initial stage and is very basic. Any time you apply for a job, any potential employer will want to find out if you meet the minimal requirements. The process seeks to establish your qualifications in relation to the job. Other factors that are aimed to be established include experience level and other issues relation to the particular position.

2. Interview on Behavior

Most employers will require potential employees to demonstrate how they would respond to different circumstances in the course of their duties. The interview on behavior will mostly want to test your ability to handle certain scenarios that are bound to show up frequently in your job. The interviews will want to establish how well you can react and handle certain situations.

Learn More about behavioral interview.

3. The Stress Management Interview

When you get into any particular job, there very slim chances to have a smooth flow all through. Employers and the interviewing panel understand and appreciate this fact. The interview process will try to raise your stress levels. The way you conduct yourself during this period will be a major determining factor on your chances of employment. Most interviewers will not notify you when they are conducting this type of interview.

4. Team Interview

Normally, most jobs will involve interacting with people from different departments and with different personalities. The team interview will mostly aim to test your ability to work with people from different departments. The interviewing panel will consist of a representative from the several sections in the company. The main advantage of this level and process of interview is the diversity of opinion. What one interviewer differs with might be seconded and approved by another in the panel.


We have also included a small collection of words and phrases that you might want to consider using during interview sessions. The words are strong and positive. With the usage of the words from the wordlist , you may be able to leave a good impression in your interviewer's mind.  .

Wishing you success in your next interview.

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